How to always make sure your In Kind Donation fundraising ideas will succeed

You also have to think in terms of difficulty, if a fundraising idea is difficult to execute but innovative, interesting and not so demanding in terms of the financial commitments you are required to make, then you should try it out. Doing this will reduce the in kind donation copycat syndrome and make your event not only memorable but also well patronized by those who might be in the neighborhood. It’s easy for everyone to do the easy things but taking the time out to implement a difficult but innovative strategy, will get you the right amount of attention from the same subset of people who you require the attention from. It’s all about knowing how and when to proceed and when you need ideas for fundraising, remember this.

Something else which you should think of is doing stuff when they don’t seem to be popular. There’s a difference between selling ice-cream in summer and ice-cream in winter. Here you are concerned about the suitability of the product due to the season. People are freezing and trying to escape the cold, not trying to freeze some more, but what you are offering is not available due to no discernable disadvantage , then you can offer it at a period when people seem less accustomed to seeing it available. You can make money this way too.